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In this daily Bible reading Paul tells the Romans to greet Paul’s friends Prisca and Aquila and the church that is in their house. I find this statement interesting for it indicates that the church is not a building. Rather it is a group of people. It is a group of people with a shared belief in Jesus Christ.

I would suspect that when many hear the word ‘church,’ their mind conjures up a picture of a building. We think of a church as a building with varying degrees of splendor:  Saint Peters Church, Notre Dame, Westminster Cathedral, to name a few. We don’t automatically think of  people sharing their common belief in Jesus Christ.

The Bible says that Jesus formed the Church and is the head of the Church. We are members of His Church. We are the ‘body’ of Jesus’ Church.

The Bible says that the Holy Spirit bestows various gifts on Church members: Skills, talents, and unique abilities for the good of the Church. The Church strengthens and expands belief in Jesus Christ.  Members of the church also help each other to remain on the challenging path to Salvation. Jesus’ Church is very important to that journey.