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This Proverb personifies Wisdom and Understanding speaking to mankind. It says, “To you, O men, I call, and my voice is to the sons of men. O naive ones, discern prudence; and, O fools to discern wisdom. Listen for I shall speak noble things and the opening of my lips will produce right things.”

This Proverb encourages the naive to discern prudence and the foolish to discern wisdom. Naive people are largely those who are young and inexperienced with life. They are easily influenced by others and the world around them. Sometimes their actions are based on faulty or inaccurate inputs from others. We see this on college campuses today where instructors have great influence over their students. As a result, the students act without prudence.

What is prudence? Prudence is defined as showing good and careful judgment before acting. When we see many demonstrations against Israel on college campuses we are witnessing young people acting without prudence.

These young students lack understanding regarding the Israeli Palestinian conflict. They also fail to discern the motives of the terrorist group Hamas. Their demonstrations cause damage and threaten the security of Israel which has every right to defend itself from terrorists.

These students should act with prudence. They should consider all the facts and seek to know the history of Israel. Once they have all the facts they will then be able to act with prudence.