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In this daily Bible reading Jesus continues to tell His disciples of His future return to be King of the Earth. Jesus said that when He returns as King, He will separate all people on the Earth as one would separate sheep from goats. The sheep He will retain. The goats He will cast away. Jesus said the sheep are those who demonstrated love for their fellow man, specifically the poor and needy. Sheep are those who gave of themselves to others in need: Clothing them, feeding them, comforting them, and in general helping them. The goats are those who did not demonstrate care for others but were selfish, only caring for themselves.

The Bible says that we must ‘love our neighbor as ourselves.’ We are always to consider the needs of others and help them when help is needed. This is not natural or easy for us to do. Therefore, we must become practiced at helping others. We must become sensitized to the needs of others through practice.

This is especially difficult to do when we are immersed in our own problems and challenges. However, It is what Jesus wants us to do. Therefore, we must make it a part of our lives. We must be ready to give of our time, talents, and treasures to others. If we become characterized by so doing, then Jesus will consider us to be one of His sheep and allow us to eternally reside with Him in Heaven.