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In these passages, the author says that the Gospel message of Jesus Christ has been clearly given to the people; that Salvation is only in Jesus Christ. Jesus passed this message to his twelve disciples, the Apostles, and confirmed its legitimacy with miracles. After Jesus died, the Apostles passed the Gospel message to the church, the collective of believers. The Apostles were also empowered to perform miracles to confirm the Gospel message. The Gospel message was written down by those who were with Jesus: those who personally witnessed Jesus and heard His teaching. Their written words became part of the Bible, which is the Word of God. 

Jesus, before he departed into Heaven, commanded his disciples to spread the Gospel message throughout the world. Over the years, the Gospel message of Jesus Christ has been shared with most of the world’s population. Today, people are without excuse. They have been given an opportunity to make a choice, a choice to either believe in Jesus or to not believe in Jesus. 

God will soon judge the entire world’s population including those who have already died. Those who chose to believe in Jesus will be allowed into Heaven. Those who chose to reject Jesus will spend an eternity in Hell. It is the most important decision that we will ever make in our lives. I have chosen to believe in Jesus. What will you choose to believe?