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In this daily Bible reading is the account Paul going to Rome on a ship with a load of prisoners and running aground on the island of Malta. The ship had been in a severe storm for 14 days.

Prior to the shipwreck an angel appeared to Paul and told Paul that he would not die, because Paul must stand before Caesar.  In other words, God’s mission for Paul was to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Rome. This was necessary to spread Christianity throughout Europe and indeed the world.

Because of Paul’s preaching, Christianity became established in Rome. The Church was greatly persecuted by Roman emperors for years. However,  it was eventually embraced by Emperor Constantine in 300 A.D. This was due in large part to Constantine’s mother, Helena, who became a Christian. This was the beginning of the Roman Catholic Church.

Though not perfect and pure, the Catholic Church has spread Christianity throughout the world. Therefore, it was necessary for Paul to be preserved on his journey to Rome and accomplish God’s will.

After fulfilling his mission for the Lord, Paul was beheaded under emperor Nero, who greatly persecuted the church. And so the Lord brought Paul home to Paradise. I’m sure Paul heard the words, “well done, good and faithful servant,” from Jesus himself.  Those are words that we should all want to hear.