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In this daily Bible reading is the account of Paul preaching to the Jews and Gentiles in Corinth. His method was consistent in that he would first go to the Jewish Synagogue on the Sabbath day and preach to the Jews. A few would believe, but many would not. Many would reject Paul’s preaching that Jesus was the Christ.

Paul would then turn to the Gentiles and give them the Truth. Some would believe and some would not. However, Paul was building Churches wherever he went. These Churches would provide a forum for mutual encouragement.

Paul would later return to the Churches and encourage them to remain faithful to their belief in Jesus Christ. Paul would also write letters of encouragement to the churches. The Bible contains Paul’s letters to those Churches.

Paul was also encouraged by these Churches. He was also directly encouraged by Jesus Christ. We all need encouragement to remain strong in our Faith and not become discouraged.

The journey to Heaven is filled with challenges and tests of our Faith. It is a difficult journey with temptations to depart from the path that leads to Heaven. Encouragement from other believers will help us to remain faithful to the Word of God and stay on that ‘narrow path.’