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In these passages is the account of King Herod beginning to persecute the believers. Herod had James, the brother of John, put to death. Then Herod had Peter arrested and put in prison, intending to kill Peter also. However, an angel freed Peter from prison. God did not allow Herod to kill Peter.

Shortly thereafter God killed Herod after he gave a speech in Caesarea. After his speech, the people praised Herod, saying Herod’s speech was like that of a god. Immediately an angel of the Lord struck Herod because he did not give God the glory.

I find it interesting that God did not kill Herod immediately after killing James and trying to kill Peter, but rather waited until Herod did something directly against God. Perhaps it was because Herod was a king and had the authority to imprison and persecute whom he chose. However, he did not have the authority to blaspheme God and take to himself glory due God. We must be ever mindful that the blessings we receive are from God, and we must always give God the glory.