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In these passages is the account of Elisha performing three miracles: He raised a child from the dead; he fed a multitude of people from a small amount of food; he cured a person of his leprosy. God had given Elisha  power to do these things.

Elisha’s miraculous powers resulted in people believing in the one true God. For example, Elisha cured the commander of the Army of Aram of his leprosy. After he  was cured, the commander said, “Behold, now, I know that there is no God in all of the earth, but in Israel.” The commander’s name was Naaman, and his heart had been changed to believe in the one true God.

Naaman was then worried about accompanying the King of Aram into their religious house to worship the demon Rimmon. That was one of Naanan’s duties. Elisha told Naaman, “Go in peace.” In other words, Naaman performing his duty to accompany the King of Aram to worship demons would not condemn Naaman.

This tells me that one’s heart is all-important. Naaman’s heart of belief in God would now become the guiding force in his life. Doing his duty to his king would not condemn Naaman in God’s eyes.