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In this daily Bible reading Paul commends the Corinthian Church for their desire to provide a gift or donation for the work of God.  The Church was being very generous in their giving and had evidently amassed a sizable monetary gift.  This was a gift for the Jerusalem Church which needed financial help.

Paul had assigned his fellow worker, Titus, to collect the gift and transport it to Jerusalem.  Paul assured the Church that Titus was trustworthy to accomplish this task.  Titus was not a person seeking personal gain, and he could be trusted with the sizeable monetary gift.

This account highlights the importance of a good reputation.  Titus had a good reputation.  Therefore, the Church leadership appointed him to represent the Church.  A good reputation is extremely valuable.  It is hard to gain, but it is easy to lose.  It can be lost because of a single incident where one is found to be untrustworthy.  Therefore we must always choose our words and actions carefully so that they will be honorable. 

The Bible provides excellent guidance in choosing right words and right actions.  Regularly reading the Bible will prepare one to choose rightly and have a good reputation.