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In this daily Bible reading Paul tells the Corinthian church not to be bound together with unbelievers. Paul said that ‘light has no fellowship with darkness and righteousness has no fellowship with lawlessness.’

As believers we are called to be with other believers to strengthen one another spiritually. However, we are not called to be isolated from the world. We are called to be ‘salt and light’ to the world around us.  However, we are not to be joined with the world.

We are ambassadors of Jesus Christ to the world wherever God may have placed us.  This includes our families, in the workplace or wherever  we may find ourselves. Who we are must be evident by the lives we lead: by our speech, by our actions, and by our beliefs. Hopefully, our lives will encourage others to turn away from darkness to light.

We are not called to be obnoxious or to force our beliefs on others. Rather we are to be ‘salt.’ Salt seasons food to make it taste better. Our ‘salt’ should encourage others, making their lives better.

We are also called to be ‘light’ to others, illuminating the Truth by our lives. We are not called to preach to others. Rather, we must be ready for opportunities to inject Truth is into conversations, but not in an abrasive way.

Our lives should be transparent to the world in how we think, believe and live. Here is a question to ponder.  If we were arrested for being Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict us?