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In this daily Bible reading Paul continues to speak to the Corinthian church about hardships and trials that result from believing in Jesus Christ. Paul endured many hardships, some of them very serious with physical pain. However, Paul did not let these hardships hinder his strong belief in Jesus.  Nor did hardships keep him from working for the Lord. Paul persevered through his pain and led many to believe in Jesus.

Paul pointed out to the Church that they were letting trials hinder their work for the Lord. He wrote to them, ”You are not restrained by us, but you are restrained in your own afflictions.” If God gives us as believers a mission or task, we must do it.  We must do it even in the face of resistance and hardships. God will help us along the way. We must not give up, no matter what.

The Bible says that whatever we do we must do it as unto the Lord. When we run into roadblocks while doing work for the Lord, we must pray to God for help to remove those roadblocks.  God will remove them. God will always give us a way to proceed on His behalf. The point is that we must never give up, and we must always give it our best. Our persistence and dedication in the face of hardships will be evidence of our Faith in Jesus Christ. Our persistence will lead to blessings in this life and an eternity in paradise.