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In this daily Bible reading Paul speaks of the afflictions that believers must endure here on Earth. Paul says that these afflictions are necessary and will lead to wonderful things after we die. Paul said, “Momentary light afflictions is producing for us an eternal weight of glory far beyond all comparison.”

Compared to the paradise that awaits believers in Heaven, our afflictions are minor. Therefore, if we focus on our eternal destination, Heaven, it will be easier to endure our afflictions.

The Bible says that afflictions are necessary to keep us on the pathway that leads to Heaven. King David in one of his Psalms said, “Before I was afflicted, I went astray.”

Our Heavenly Father disciplines us, just as our earthly father does. Discipline is necessary in raising children to become good adults. The Bible says that such a godly discipline for us is evidence that God considers us his children.  We should be grateful for this.

If we aren’t disciplined for sinful behavior, it may be that we are children of Satan rather than children of God. Therefore, I am grateful that God disciplines me and keeps me on the pathway to Heaven. This mindset helps me to endure and strive to live obediently before God.

The Bible says that one must endure to the end of one’s life to be saved. We must therefore endure our afflictions and grow stronger in our Faith.