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In this daily Bible reading Paul defends his position as an Apostle of Jesus Christ. Paul acknowledged that he was not flamboyant or dynamic in person. However, he still had authority as an Apostle of Jesus Christ. Paul pointed out that evidence of apostleship are miraculous powers bestowed on the Apostles.   These powers included the ability to heal, cast out demons, and even raise people from the dead.

I believe that Apostles no longer exist today. There are no church leaders who have such powers; not even the Roman Catholic Pope. Interestingly, Roman Catholics are taught that the Pope has apostolic  succession and authority. This is not true. There is no documented evidence of any Pope demonstrating the miraculous powers of an Apostle.

One  needs to be very careful in choosing a church to attend.  I believe that a good church emphasizes the Bible as Truth. Therefore, a good church does not elevate its leadership to supernatural status.  The focus of a good church is on Jesus Christ.  The Bible characterizes Jesus as the Living Word of God. 

A good church encourages Bible study.  It doesn’t foster superstition.  There are churches that hold their members in bondage through superstition.  The Bible says that belief in Jesus sets people free from bondage to sin.  Additionally, belief in Jesus also sets people free from bondage to religion.  Therefore, a good church will encourage such freedom.