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In this daily Bible reading Paul tells the Corinthian Church of the many trials and sufferings that he endured in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Paul met with much opposition and punishment during his life of serving the Lord. For example, Paul was beaten, stoned, imprisoned, and shipwrecked. He suffered hunger and sleepless nights and was frequently in danger for his very life. However, Paul was dedicated to do the Lord’s work. He was determined to persevere and even die, if necessary, to complete his task.

The Bible says, “To whom more is given, more is expected.” If I have been given much knowledge of God’s Truth, then I am responsible to share that knowledge as God directs. We are all on different paths in this world.  God will direct us down our own path, the path that He wants us to follow. We must do our very best to serve God in our unique life situations.

God has placed us where He wants us to be, and we have a sphere of influence around us: our spouse, our families, our friends, and our coworkers. The Bible says that we must be salt and light within our sphere of influence. We must demonstrate our belief in Jesus Christ by the life we lead.

The Bible says that God wants us to bear good fruit in our lives as we walk on the pathway to Heaven. The Bible indicates that it is a walk, not a run. We must not get ahead of ourselves nor should we go beyond our abilities. The Bible says that we must stay within our given abilities, but we must always do our best. The Bible says that ‘whatever we do we must do it as unto the Lord.’