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In this daily Bible reading Paul warns the Corinthian church of false apostles and deceitful workers. These people disguise themselves as angels of light and become members of churches. They are actually working for Satan. Accordingly,  they distort the Gospel message of Jesus Christ’s atoning death on the cross.

The Gospel message is pure and simple. Jesus Christ’s death atoned for the sins of mankind, but not all of mankind. Only those who repent of their sins and trust Jesus to guide them will be covered by Jesus Christ’s atoning blood.

The requirement for Salvation is simple. However,  the pathway of trusting in Jesus and living one’s life accordingly to the Word of God is not easy. It is difficult. Satan will use deception to lead people away from trusting in Jesus Christ.

I believe that deception is Satan’s primary weapon against believers. He has used it most effectively in churches. As a result, many churches have departed from the pure and simple message of the Gospel. Some have created their own doctrines to supplement the Word of God.

Our awareness of deception and our dedication to the Word of God is our only defense against Satanic deception. If we are deceived, we will only have ourselves to blame.