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In these passages, the Apostle Peter speaks of believers suffering even when they have done nothing wrong. He says the following: “For it is better if God should will it so, that you suffer for doing what is right rather than for doing what is wrong.” When we walk the walk of a Christian or believer in Jesus Christ, we may be ridiculed by friends and family for our choice. If and when this happens, we are to accept this suffering with an awareness that it is God’s will for us. It is helpful if we think about Jesus and the suffering He endured for our sake. 

Jesus did nothing wrong. Yet he was tortured, beaten, and murdered by the Romans who were incited by the Jewish religious leaders. Jesus was unjustly treated, but He did not complain or fight back. We are called to respond to unjust treatment in kind. We are to set an example for the world around us, and we are to be prepared to “give an account for the hope that we have.” 

The Bible says that if we are asked why we believe as we do, we should respond with gentleness regarding the hope that is within us. We should not be angry or overbearing when we respond. The Bible says that “A gentle word turns away wrath.” 

All things are from God. If we are always mindful of this fact, we will be better able to cope with the world’s insults and slander. When we endure unjust trials, God will be pleased with us and bless us.