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In this daily Bible reading Paul tells the Corinthians that the unrighteous will not inherit the Kingdom of God. He gave examples of those who would not go to Heaven. Among these examples were homosexuals. Paul also pointed out that the Corinthian believers were once identified as unrighteous. They probably practiced one or more of the things listed by Paul.

As Paul pointed out,  believers are sanctified or set apart from practicing sin. I believe that the sins that condemn people are the sins that characterize them. These are the sins for which a person has not or will not repent.

In the case of homosexuals, the Bible clearly points out that doing homosexual acts is a sin. A person who believes he or she is a homosexual is not condemned to Hell for being homosexual. The sin is not in ‘being.’ Rather, it is in ‘doing.’ 

Unfortunately, in our society there is a great pressure to accept homosexuality as normal and to embrace homosexual marriage. However, this acceptance of homosexuality by society does not change the Word of God. The Bible clearly does not accept homosexual behavior.