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In these passages, Paul speaks to the church in Thessalonica, Greece. He tells them that the Gospel message of Jesus Christ met with resistance, and Paul had suffered when he proclaimed God’s Truth to the people. But Paul said, “We speak, not as pleasing men but God who examines our hearts.” The Gospel message of Jesus Christ is threatening to a world that enjoys sin and doesn’t want to change. The Gospel message of Jesus was also threatening to religion. 

The Jews largely rejected Christianity because it was contrary to the beliefs in which they were immersed. Their religion relied on ritual and form, but their hearts were not dedicated toward God. The Bible says that God wants people who ‘worship Him in Spirit and in Truth,” not in ritualistic motions. God wants people who truly repent of their sins and believe in Jesus Christ. This is very difficult to do. In fact, not every person can. 

The Bible says that ‘no one can come to Jesus unless the Father draws them.’ The Bible also says that no person can repent unless God grants them repentance. If you have been called to repent and believe in Jesus, you should feel very fortunate. But know that you will be unpopular with the world. Many times you will be faced with the choice of pleasing the world or pleasing God. Choose the latter. It may be difficult, but it will keep you on the pathway that leads to Heaven.