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In these passages is the account of Ruth ‘gaining favor with Boaz, a man of great wealth’ from the family of Naomi’s husband Elimelech. Ruth married Boaz.  They had a child who they named Obed.  Obed became the father of Jesse, the father of King David.

It is apparent that God favored both Boaz and Ruth. Boaz appeared to be a man of God, for when he greeted his workers he said, ‘The Lord be with you.’ And his workers responded in kind.  Boaz appeared to walk in obedience to God, following the rules set down by Moses.

Boaz was prosperous and truly blessed.  I believe that Boaz’s blessings were the result of Boaz walking in obedience to God. The Bible says that God blesses believers and says “In whatever they do they prosper.” Boaz was indeed prosperous.

The Bible also says that believers are generous.  Boaz was generous in giving to the poor who came to his land to glean from the crops.

God blessed Boaz with great wealth and standing in his community. But God’s greatest gift to Boaz was Ruth, “a woman of excellence.”


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