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In these passages Paul speaks of the conflict or war that exists between our spirit and our ‘flesh.’ After we believe in Jesus we are freed of bondage to sin, but our fleshly side still desires to sin. However, our mind and our spirit do not want to sin.

The sinful part of us does not cease to exist when we believe in Jesus. However, we are empowered and given the motivation to turn from sin. We should expect this conflict within us to remain throughout our lives.

We must therefore develop strategies or ways to resist temptation and avoid sinning. And at times it will not be easy. The good news is that God deems us to be righteous because of our belief in Jesus. Jesus’ shed blood atoned for our sins: past present and future. However, we are not allowed to give ourselves over to any sin. Rather, we must always struggle against sin.

I believe that evidence of true belief is our desire to struggle against sin. We never become characterized by sinful thoughts words or deeds. Those who give themselves over to their sins are truly lost and will never be allowed into God’s Kingdom.

Therefore, this struggle is vital. I believe that it is precisely this struggle between sinfulness and righteousness that keeps us on the pathway to Heaven.