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In this daily Bible reading Paul continues to speak to the Jews about the difficulties in keeping the Law. The Law given to the Jews gives commands that no person is able to perfectly keep. The Law provided guidance, but its real effect was to expose the sinfulness of mankind.

God is Holy and will not coexist with sin. So, because He loved mankind He provided a way for mankind to draw near to Him. He provided a way to atone for the sins of mankind.

Jesus became the perfect sacrifice for mankind’s sins, and His shed blood atoned for our sins. However, there is a condition. We must believe in and trust Jesus. We must have genuine Faith in Jesus as evidence by our works.

The Bible says that we are justified by our Faith in the eyes of God. However, the Bible also says that Faith without works is dead. Our genuine Faith must motivate us to change our lives and live in accordance with the Word of God, the Bible. Only then will our Faith be beneficial in our journey on the pathway to Heaven. Then, the shed blood of Jesus will cover us. Jesus’ sacrificial death will atone for our sins so that God will consider us to be unblemished by sin.  God will then allow us to exist in His Heavenly Kingdom.