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In this daily Bible reading Paul tells us that ”Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of Christ.” We not only need to read the Bible. We also need to hear about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and hear the Bible being read. I know this to be true because my initial belief or Faith was the result of listening to good Bible teachers on the radio.

As I drove to work I would listen to such programs as “Through the Bible Radio.” This program involved an excellent Bible teacher, J. Vernon McGee, teaching through the Bible over a five-year period. As a result of listening to this program I came to believe that the Bible is the absolute Truth. After acquiring this belief, I was very motivated to read the Bible for myself.

I found that reading the Bible while believing it to be absolutely true helped me to gain understanding of what I was reading. I realized this pivotal truth: The Bible must first be believed before it can be understood. One cannot understand what the Bible says unless one first believes it to be true. With that frame of mind, God’s wonderful Truths literally leaped from the pages for me.

So, here’s my advice. Listen to good Bible teachers to gain that belief and Faith. Then, you will gain a hunger for the Word of God.