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In these passages the writer continues to speak of Israel’s history. Israel’s history is characterized by an  alternating cycle of being devoted to God and then turning from God. God would bless Israel when they obeyed Him. Then, they would turn away from God to worship demons. They were a fickle people.

God had brought Israel out of bondage in Egypt by inflicting plagues on the Egyptians. Israel witnessed God’s miracles. They knew God was more powerful than the demonic world. The Psalmist writes, “They quickly forgot His works. They did not wait for His counsel but craved intensely in the wilderness.” They forgot God their Savior who had done great things in Egypt.

As a result, God intended to destroy Israel. The Psalmist writes, “Therefore, He said He would destroy them, had not Moses his chosen one stood in the breach before Him.” Moses continued to intercede for Israel, and God listened to Moses.

Today, Jesus intercedes for mankind. Jesus stands for us and represent us to God. If it was not for Jesus, all of mankind would have been destroyed. Therefore, we must cling to Jesus. We must believe in Him who is the living Word of God. Then we will live and not die spiritually.