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In this daily Bible reading the Jewish leaders and Levites spoke to the people assembled in Jerusalem, teaching them the history of the Israel. They began with God choosing Abraham and making a covenant with Abraham to give him and his descendants the land of Canaan. The Levites told the people how God led them out of slavery in Egypt to the promised land.

They also told them how the people consistently turned from God  when they became comfortable with their possessions. The people turned from God very quickly.  As a result, God would afflict them. Then, the people would cry out to God for God’s forgiveness. God would then restore His favor.

This process repeated itself many times until God  removed from the people from land and placed them in captivity. The Levites reminded the people of these things so that the people would be motivated to worship God and obey His commands.

This account emphasizes the need to teach each generation about God and His desires for us. This knowledge doesn’t happen automatically. It must be passed on. That is one reason why the Church is important. It preserves and passes on God’s Word.

Parents also have a responsibility to do the same. Today, it seems that people are less aware of God than in the past. Our society does not honor God as it once did, and we are declining morally in America. Israel declined morally. God judged Israel for becoming immoral and turning from Him. It seems logical that God will judge America as well.