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In this daily Bible reading is the account of Nehemiah completing the reconstruction of the Jerusalem wall and its gates. As the wall was being finished, the Arab leadership became more angry and frustrated. They tried to entice Nehemiah to meet with them so they could kill him. Nehemiah refused, so they hired a Prophet in Jerusalem to tell Nehemiah that the Arabs were coming to Jerusalem to kill him. The  Prophet told Nehemiah to hide in the Temple. This was forbidden by Jewish law. Nehemiah refused, and when he did, God allowed Nehemiah to perceive that he was being tricked by the false prophet. 

This incident provides a good example for us. Sometimes we are faced with situations that require us to make a choice. There are times when one of the options is not in accordance with the Bible.  It may well be the easier choice to solve the problem. 

However, it is always best to choose the course of action that is in accordance with the Bible. When we make that choice the situation is favorably resolved.  God tests us to determine or validate our obedience to Him. Our awareness of this fact makes it easier to make the right choices.