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In this daily Bible reading Jesus is taken captive by the Jews and brought before Caiaphas, the high priest. It was quite early in the morning, but the Jewish religious Council was assembled to question Jesus. The Council questioned Jesus trying to find a reason to sentence Him to death. They even had false witnesses testify, but they could not find a reason to have Jesus executed. Finally, the high priest asked Jesus if Jesus was the Christ, the son of God. Jesus said that He was indeed the Christ, the son of God. The high priest then accused Jesus of blasphemy against God. Blasphemy would convict Jesus and sentence Jesus to death, according to Jewish law. What an irony. Jesus was sentenced to die for telling the Truth.

The Bible says that a period of great tribulation is coming when true believers will be put to death because they stand for the Truth. The Bible says that Jesus is ‘The Truth.’ Believing in Jesus, who is ‘The Truth,’ will be illegal and punishable by death. As believers we must prepare to stand firm in the Truth no matter what, even if it means death. Such a death may hurt for a moment, but it will be followed by entry into paradise and being with Jesus forever. Focusing on that Truth will enable us to endure to the end.

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