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In these passages is the account of Jesus being taken to the home of the high priest after being arrested. Peter followed the group into the courtyard. It was here that Peter denied Jesus three times when people accused Peter of being one of Jesus’ followers.

Why did Peter, who was the strongest believer in Jesus, deny Jesus? Obviously, Peter was afraid of being harmed. He did not trust Jesus for his protection, even though Peter had witnessed Jesus’ powers. Fear is a powerful thing. However, as believers we do not need to fear this world or mankind. We only need to fear God who has power over our eternal destination.

Being fearless in the face of death requires mental preparation and a strong belief. The Bible says, “He who endures to the end will be saved.” We must be ready, willing, and able to suffer pain and even death to be faithful to God’s Word until the end. Jesus suffered for us. We must be ready to suffer for Him.

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