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In these passages is the account of a man from Ephraim making a ‘graven image and molten image’ from silver and ‘dedicating it to the Lord.’ The man’s intentions seemed good, but his actions violated one of God’s 10 Commandments.

The Bible says we are not to make such items.  God does not want His people to make images to help them worship Him. The Bible says that we are to ‘worship God in Spirit and in Truth.’ We are not to have any visual stimulations to aid in our worship of God. Visual stimulation distracts from true worship and feeds our superstitious nature.

Satan uses this to his advantage, especially in religion. Roman Catholicism and the Orthodox churches provide good examples of this. These religions use objects they call icons to aid in their worship. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, I will say that they may have good intentions. However, the line between icons and idols becomes very blurry because of mankind’s superstitious nature.

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