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In these passages is the account of Jephthah the Gileadite, a valiant warrior. The elders of Gilead had begged Jephthah to defeat the Ammonites who were fighting Israel.

In studying what was written about Jephthah, one can again gain some insight into the qualities of a person God chooses to serve Him. First, Jephthah was brave, and his courage was recognized by the elders of Gilead. Secondly, Jephthah had an in-depth knowledge of Israel’s history and of God’s helping Israel to conquer the land. He also seemed to have a relationship with God. This was evidenced when he made a vow to God before he went out to fight. Tragically, Jephthah’s vow resulted in the loss of his daughter.

The fact that Jephthah kept this difficult vow is evidence of his dedication and loyalty to God. It is not too difficult to realize why God chose him.

So, if I want to be useful to God, I should have courage, character, and know the Word of God. Most importantly I need to ‘Love God with all my heart with all my mind with all my strength and with all my soul.’

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