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In these passages is the account of Joshua leading Israel in further conquest of the promised land. With God’s help Israel destroyed all the inhabitants that they fought, except the inhabitants of Gibeon.

The inhabitants of Gibeon deceived Joshua and Israel by sending representatives to make a covenant of peace with Israel. Their delegation appeared to have traveled long and far, as their clothing was worn out. They claimed that they did not live within the land and secured a treaty, promising to be servants of Israel.

Joshua did not seek God’s counsel prior to making the treaty, and he was deceived. There is a lesson for me, here. Satan uses deception to lead people away from God. It is probably his most effective weapon. Therefore, I must seek God’s counsel continuously by His Word when I am confronted with life’s daily challenges. God’s Word, The Bible, provides our only true guidance on living rightly before God.

We are faced with making many decisions each day. The Bible guides us in making the right decisions-decisions that will lead to joy and prosperity.  Making wrong decisions leads to pain and anguish.  The challenge facing each of us is that we are frequently tempted to make wrong decisions. Our sinful nature leads us to want to make wrong decisions.  Therefore, we must always consult the Bible for the correct decisions. Otherwise we will suffer the consequences of giving in to our sinful nature.  

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