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In this daily Bible reading is the completion of the conquest of the land and dividing the land among the tribes. It took five years to conquer the land (Joshua 14:10). Of interest to me this morning is the passage that says, “The sons of Israel also killed Balaam, the son of Beor, the diviner, with the sword.”

Calling Balaam a diviner provides a little insight into the spiritual world. He was not a Prophet who represented God. Rather he was a diviner who represented Satan. He had powers to bless or curse. With these powers he was able to deceive people into thinking that he represented God.

We must be careful to test everything in the light of the Word of God, especially when powerful and supernatural deceptions appear. The Bible says that in the end times powerful deceptions will occur to test the people, to determine if they will be true to God. The Bible is our only source of Truth to guide us in our decisions. It is vitally important that we become well anchored in the Bible to avoid being deceived.

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