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In these passages is the account of Jesus healing the son of a royal official from Capernaum.  The son was near death. The official sought Jesus out in Cana. The official’s son was healed because the man believed in Jesus.

Prior to telling the man that his son would live, Jesus said to the people, “Unless you people see signs and wonders, you simply will not believe.” The official did not seek for a sign. He simply pleaded with Jesus to heal his son. When Jesus said to him, “go your way, your son lives,” the man believed the words that Jesus said to him.

It was the official’s belief in Jesus that saved his son. And so it is with us.  We must lead with belief and Faith in the Lord. The Bible says that without Faith it is impossible to please God. 

We cannot understand the Word of God unless we first believe it is true. When we lead with true belief God will bless us with understanding and knowledge. God will guide us along the pathway that leads to Heaven.

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