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In these passages is the account of the soldiers casting lots for Jesus’ clothing. The soldiers also broke the legs of the two prisoners crucified with Jesus; but they did not break Jesus’ legs. He was already dead. Instead, they verified Jesus’ death by piercing his side with a spear. They also had given Jesus sour wine before He died.

These events had been prophesied in the Old Testament. In fact, there are 300 prophecies in the Old Testament regarding Jesus. Many have been precisely fulfilled. These prophecies predated Jesus. This has been verified by the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The accuracy of these predictions is mathematically impossible. Therefore, they provide ample evidence of God’s inspiration for the Bible. Those who reject the Bible do not want to know this.

They probably think that if they reject the Bible, they will not be accountable for the Bible’s guidance. I believe they are wrong. In my opinion, Ignorance of the Bible will not keep a person from going to Hell; especially if the Bible is available to them.

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