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In this daily Bible reading Job’s friend Bildad adds his perspective regarding Job’s plight. Like his friend Eliphaz, Bildad’s words make sense as they are generally applied to mankind. 

Job responded, agreeing with Bildad that God punishes wicked people for their wickedness. However, Job claimed that he was innocent of all wrongdoing.  He was not deserving of the bad things that had happened to him.

Job spoke to God saying, “According to Thy knowledge I am indeed not guilty; yet there is no deliverance from Thy hand.” The truth of the matter revealed in the book of Job was that Job did have faults. However,  he did not perceive them.

I believe that this is true in our lives. We need to repent of our sins, but we can only repent of the sins of which we are aware. We must be aware of and acknowledge our sins before we can repent of them.

I know there are sins in my life of which I am not aware. After asking God to forgive my sins, I ask Him to reveal the other sins of which I am not aware, that I may repent of them also. In one of David’s Psalms David says to God, “Acquit me of hidden sins.”

Jesus said that he came to heal sinners but not the righteous. The Bible says that ‘none are righteous, not even one.’ So, Jesus is really saying that he came to heal those who know they are sinners, and are aware of the sins in their lives. We must therefore never consider ourselves to be righteous. We must rather seek for those ‘hidden sins’ in our lives, so that we may repent of them.  Jesus will then heal us.