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In this daily Bible reading Elihu speaks to Job. His main point seems to be that we may be unaware of some of our sins. God’s method of giving us an awareness of our sins may be to afflict us in some way. Elihu points out that a good person will cry out to God for help and seek for what transgression he or she might have committed. When a good person responds to their affliction in this manner, then God will reveal their transgression to them so that they may repent and change their ways. 

However, a bad person will not cry out to God for help and understanding. Rather, the bad person will turn to evil. He or she will turn away from God to get relief. Today, it might be turning to drugs to block their pain. Or it might be suicide to end it all. 

Turning to God is the right remedy for afflictions that come our way. God is merciful. The Bible says that God does not want anybody to perish. But we have a part to play. We have the freedom of choice throughout our life. We can choose what is right, or we can choose what is wrong. Choosing what is right in the eyes of God is the only way to get true and lasting relief from our afflictions.