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In this daily Bible reading Job completes his discourse saying that he has not done any of the things that usually condemn people. He perceives he has not sinned against God in any way and is not deserving of his plight. Indeed, none of his friends were able to specifically identify anything wrong that Job had done in his life. Rather, they supposed that Job had done something wrong that was deserving of punishment.

The Bible says that ‘none are righteous, and all have sinned.’ This raises the following question: Are there sins that I have committed or do commit of which I am not aware? I believe the answer is yes.

We don’t perceive all of our sins. The Bible says that we must repent of our sins to be forgiven them. The problem is that we can only repent of those sins of which we are aware.

What about the sins that we don’t perceive? God must make us aware of them. We must therefore pray to God that He might reveal to us those sins. Then and only then can we repent and be forgiven. In the meantime we must hope that those sins will not lead to spiritual death. I believe that God will make us aware of those sins that will lead us to spiritual death, so that we can repent of them.