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In this daily Bible reading Jeremiah speaks about Judah turning away from God because they rejected the Word of God and turned to lies, lies that were validated by the scribes. Jeremiah said, “They have rejected the Word of the Lord, and what kind of wisdom do they have?” That is true today. 

Mankind has rejected the Word of God and has turned to the logic and wisdom of mankind, which is not wisdom at all. They reject the Bible as being dated and only applicable to ancient generations. The Bible says that the Gospel message of Jesus Christ is ‘foolishness to the Greeks.’ It doesn’t make logical sense to most people, so it is rejected. When a person who doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ reads the Bible, it doesn’t make sense to them. 

The Bible only makes sense to those who believe. It is so unique. The Bible must first be believed as Truth before it can be understood. As a child, I went to church with my family and also went to Sunday school. I was given a Bible at the age of eight, but I never read it until I believed the Bible to be God’s Truth. That didn’t happen until I was 40 years old. Once I believed, God’s Truths literally leaped off of the pages for me.  I have been reading the Bible ever since.  The Bible has become for me ‘my daily bread, my spiritual food.’ It is truly the Word of God.