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In this daily Bible reading God through Jeremiah continues to tell the people that they are living lives that are contrary to God’s Commandments. God also tells them that their religious services are worthless and do not remove the sins in their lives.

In Jeremiah’s day the people were still doing religion. They were sacrificing animals, burning incense, and doing their religious chants. However, their hearts were far from God. They would indulge in sin all week and do religion on the Sabbath day. This is much like America today.

True worship of God is not widely done and it is not very popular. Popular religion is that which does not offend or remind people of the sins in their lives. Popular religion is ‘feel good’ religion. The message in the very popular ‘mega churches’ avoids any accountability for sin. These churches tell the people that they are basically good even though they think, speak and do things that are wrong according to what the Bible teaches.

Another widely accepted Christian organization has much ritual, the burning of incense, and religious chants. It teaches that God will favor the rituals that were created by man and sustained by tradition.

Jeremiah’s message to the people was that God doesn’t want religion. He wants people who whose hearts are aligned with His: People who worship him in Spirit and in Truth.