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In this daily Bible reading Jeremiah prophesies about the coming destruction of Jerusalem. He also prophesies the final destruction of the nations of the Earth just prior to Jesus’ return. A time is coming when God will kill most of the earth’s population with the ‘sword, famine, pestilence, and wild beasts.’ In modern terminology, there will be massive wars throughout the earth, nuclear wars. There will also be widespread disease and much starvation. Additionally, wild animals will kill many people. It will be a time unparalleled on the Earth, and no nation will escape. 

The Bible indicates that prior to this destruction, a very dynamic and capable leader will rise in Europe and will become the president of the European community. Under his leadership, the EU will combine politically to become one sovereign nation. Their leader will reduce the EU to 10 nations that are the strongest economically. He will restore prosperity after a worldwide economic meltdown.  I believe America will be reduced in stature and will be subject to the EU. 

After this leader gains power he will try to remove the world religions and establish himself as the world’s religious leader, demanding to be worshiped. The Bible says that when Jesus returns He will destroy this leader and his followers.  Jesus will then become King of the Earth for 1000 years.