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In these passages Jeremiah prophesies the coming destruction of Judah for their unfaithfulness toward God.  The ten northern tribes  had previously  turned away from God, and God judged them using Assyria as His instrument  of punishment.  Assyria conquered the ten northern tribes called Israel and removed them from the land in 722 BC.  God would punish the two southern tribes, called Judah, in 587 BC. Babylon would conquer Judah and remove them from the land. 

However,  even as God was punishing Israel and Judah, He was planning their redemption and return to the land.  Judah was temporarily returned to the land 70  years after their captivity. However, they were again punished by God  and removed by the Romans.  The Romans destroyed Jerusalem in 70  AD and Judah was totally banned from the land in 137 AD.  The 10 northern tribes  never returned. 

Today, God is again restoring Judah to the land of Israel.  Israel became a state in 1948 in the midst of much opposition from the surrounding Arab nations.   Despite these nations’ repeated attempts to destroy the state of  Israel,  God has preserved Israel and Israel has prospered.  Today, many Jews are returning to Israel from around the world where  they have been persecuted  and shunned.  Indeed, God is fulfilling His promise to restore Israel.  One day soon, Jesus will return to be King of Israel and rule the Earth for 1000 years.