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In these passages, Jeremiah continues to speak of the coming destruction of Jerusalem and Judah at the hands of the  Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar. God sent Jeremiah to the king of Judah, King Jehoiachin, who was also called Shallum. He was the son of Josiah who was the last of the good Kings in Judah. God, through Jeremiah, characterized the good kings as those who did justice and righteousness during their reigns. Interestingly, God said that doing justice and righteousness meant that they knew God. 

The night before Jesus died He prayed to God the Father for His disciples. In His prayer, Jesus said, “And this is Eternal Life, that they may know  Thee and Jesus Christ whom Thou hast sent.” Jeremiah’s prophecy suggests that knowing God is evidenced by doing righteousness or living rightly before God.  Living rightly before God means to obey Him or to live according to the Word of God, the Bible. One cannot know how to live rightly before God without guidance from the Bible. Right guidance is found nowhere else. It is not found in the world. It is not found in religion. It is only found in the Bible. Without the Bible one cannot have Eternal Life as defined by  Jesus Christ