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In these passages, Jeremiah continues to speak God’s Truth about the coming destruction of Jerusalem at the hand of Babylon. However, Jeremiah is not believed by the people or the Jerusalem leadership. Jeremiah is even persecuted, beaten, and placed in stocks. Jeremiah became very discouraged because he stood alone for God and was mocked by all. Jeremiah was so discouraged that he even regretted the day that he was born.

Truly representing God today will make a person unpopular with the world. People don’t want to hear about Hell being a destination for non-believers. They don’t want to hear that they will be held accountable for the sins they have committed. They want to hear that a loving God will not judge them or assign them to an eternity in agony. 

Jesus, who is the object of our Faith, was also persecuted. Ironically He was murdered by the religious leadership who thought they were glorifying God with their actions. That was the ultimate irony, for they murdered God’s Son thinking they were doing God’s will. 

While He was alive on the Earth Jesus told His followers, ‘the world hated me. It will also hate you.’ Believing in Jesus, truly believing, and living a life that proves this belief will result in worldly rejection and persecution. However, God will protect and guide those who are His and lead them to Heaven.