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In this daily Bible reading Jeremiah speaks of the false prophets in Jerusalem: those who were telling the people that they would have peace and prosperity. These false prophets told the people that God would not punish Jerusalem. Rather God would bless them. They were telling the people not to believe Jeremiah. 

Jeremiah was telling the people of God’s coming judgment for their sinful lives and for turning away from God. As a result, everyone hated Jeremiah and did not believe him. However, Jeremiah was telling the truth. The false prophets were influenced by Satan and leading the people astray. The Bible says that these false prophets actually believed what they were telling the people. They were self-deceived, relying on ‘false visions, divinations, futility and the deception of their own minds.’ 

Are there false prophets in our society today? Absolutely. When you listen to the leaders of the mega-churches that are very popular, you will hear them tell the people that everything will work out for them and God will bless them. These church leaders do not tell the people that they need to repent of sins in their lives. They don’t even mention sin and the consequences of sin. The people don’t want to hear about their sins or the consequences of their sins. They want to hear that they are basically good people and things will work out for them, and these modern false prophets accommodate them. However, they are leading them to sure destruction and an eternity in Hell.