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In this daily Bible reading Jeremiah speaks of the sinfulness that characterized Israel. Israel had completely turned away from God in their hearts. God was only acknowledged superficially. Jeremiah said to God, “Thou art near to their lips but far from their minds.”

Israel had become so accustomed to living sinfully that a meaningful change was unlikely. In this regard Jeremiah said, “Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard change his spots?” In other words change of heart had become virtually impossible for Israel. Therefore,  the only remedy for meaningful change was for God to utterly destroy them.  God could then bring Israel back to Him with a heart that would be dedicated to God.

I look at America in the world today and see a similar situation. America used to be dedicated to God. As a result, God richly blessed America.  However, America has drifted away from God over the years. In fact, America has now rejected God.

When America remove prayer from the schools in 1962,  America officially rejected God. Now, Christian symbols are not allowed in public places. Additionally, Christian speech is being restricted or rejected as being “hate speech.” Evolution is taught in the schools rather than creation.  Furthermore, thousands of unborn babies are murdered every day with America’s approval.

America has indeed rejected God. It is only logical that God will reject America. I believe America’s destruction is very close.