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Jeremiah was a prophet chosen by God to proclaim to Judah their disloyalty to God and God’s coming judgment. God sent many Prophets to Judah to proclaim God’s Truth and try to turn the people back to God. However, they rejected the Prophets, killing many of them. Judah turned to demons and away from God. They worshipped idols instead of God.

Jeremiah was a special Prophet. God chose him before he was born to proclaim God’s Word to the people. God told Jeremiah that God would protect him and preserve him. The people would be convicted of their sins by Jeremiah’s words. They would hate him, but God would not allow them to kill Jeremiah.

Jeremiah’s mission commenced during the reign of King Josiah. Jeremiah prophesied until Babylon overthrew and exiled Judah during the reign of King Zedekiah. This occurred around 587 BC.

The King of Babylon knew of Jeremiah and Jeremiah’s God-given mission. He protected Jeremiah during the conquest. Jeremiah was not taken captive but was allowed to remain with a remnant of Judah.

The daughters of King Zedekiah were among the remnants with Jeremiah. When God commissioned Jeremiah, He told Jeremiah, “I have appointed you this day over the nations and over the kingdoms to pluck up and to break down. To destroy and overthrow. To build and to plant.” I believe that one of King Zedekiah’s daughters remained for Jeremiah to ‘build and plant’ the continuation of Judah’s royal lineage.  There is much evidence to suggest that this royal lineage exists today in England’s monarchy. This royal lineage will continue in Jesus Christ when He returns to the earth.