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In this daily Bible reading Jeremiah continues to speak of the reasons for God’s coming judgment upon Israel. He points out that Israel was God’s chosen people out of all the peoples on the earth. Jeremiah said of God and Israel:  “For the maker of all is He and Israel is the tribe of his inheritance. The Lord of hosts is His name.” Out of all the nations of the earth God chose Israel to be His own. It was to be a nation that God would  guide and bless.  It would be a nation in which God would dwell.

God promised Israel many blessings, if Israel would obey God’s Commandments. Israel did obey for a time; and under the leadership of King David, Israel prospered. King David guided Israel to obey God.  However, under future kings Israel turned away from God. Because of this God severely punished Israel and removed them from His ‘promised land.’

I believe that God has punished Israel more severely than the nations that God did not choose. It is a serious matter to believe in God and enjoy His blessings but then turn away from Him. The Bible says it would be better not to have known God at all.

Those who know God’s Truths and turn away from them are held to a greater accountability than those who do not know God’s Truths. As Israel has found out, it is a serious matter to turn away from God after enjoying His favor and blessings.