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In this daily Bible reading God speaks through Isaiah saying that God is the only God in existence. God says,” I am the first and I am the last, and there is no God besides me.” God also said, “Before me, there was no God formed, and there will be none after Me.” (Isaiah 43:10).

There is a professed Christian organization today that believes God was a man before he became God. This religion also teaches that select members of their church will become gods of other planets in other solar systems. This teaching is false. It is contrary to the Bible. This organization also claims that it believes in the Bible. However, it also has its own book, which its leaders say takes precedence over the Bible.

The Bible says that Satan is the spiritual ruler of the Earth. Satan works against God to lead people away from believing in God. To believe falsely or wrongly in God is the same as not believing in God. Satan has deceived the members of this professed Christian organization to believe falsely or to believe in vain.

Satan’s primary weapon against mankind is deception, and Satan’s deception has been most effective in religion. I believe that this organization has not only been deceived, it was also created by Satan who guided its founder in forming this false church. Now, many are in bondage to this organization and cannot break free. However, Jesus will break some free by opening their eyes hearts, and minds to the Truth.