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In this daily Bible reading God speaks through Isaiah saying that He will restore the trees and vegetation to the land of Israel.  God had removed them because of Israel’s sin and disobedience. Isaiah says that God will do this so that ‘people will consider and gain insight that the hand of the Lord has done this, and the holy one of Israel has created it.’ The creation around us provides ample evidence of God’s existence. The processes in nature are miraculous. Life itself is miraculous.

Many people have been blinded to God’s existence. They deny God and formulate ‘scientific’ theories such as the ‘theory of evolution.’ They say that all of this life around us, the plants animals and human beings are due to the evolutionary process. That is absurd. It takes more faith to believe in evolution then it does to believe in God and that God created everything.

The Bible says that people are without excuse for their non-belief because ‘creation speaks of God.’ All one has to do is to carefully observe the world around them to see God’s presence in everything.

The Bible says that God created man with an instinctive awareness of God. However, man has wrongly chosen to worship the creation rather than the Creator. The good news is that God is opening the eyes of some so that they may have insight and understanding and believe in God.