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In this daily Bible reading Isaiah continues to prophesy about God’s end times judgment and the establishment of Jesus’ Millennial Kingdom. God’s coming judgment, which the Bible calls the ‘Great Tribulation,’ will be a time of much death and destruction. Millions of people will be killed by war, plagues, and starvation.

Many churches today teach that the church will not have to endure this terrible time. They teach that the church will be taken out of the Earth or ‘raptured’ as they call it. However, the Bible says that true believers, members of the church, will indeed have to go through the ‘Great Tribulation.’ The Bible says that many believers will be killed during this time. The Bible also says that we must ‘endure to the end to be saved.’

In these passages God says through Isaiah, “Come my people, enter into your rooms and close your doors behind you; hide for a little while, until indignation runs its course.” God will provide sanctuaries for some believers. I believe that God will do this so that there will be some who lead people to righteousness during this terrible time. The Bible says that God wants people to repent and turn to Him, even during the ‘Great Tribulation.’