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In this daily Bible reading Isaiah prophesies about the future restoration of Israel. Isaiah’s prophecy was made before Assyria conquered and removed the 10 northern tribes of Israel in 722 BC. It was made before the Babylonian captivity and deportation of Judah in 587 BC.

Isaiah’s prophecy speaks of the second return of Judah to the land when Jesus will reign as King. The deportations have occurred just as they were prophesied. The first return has occurred, just as it was prophesied. But the second return has yet to occur.

Some Bible skeptics say that the book of Isaiah was written after the events that were prophesied. Some say that Isaiah was not a real person. However recent archaeological finds have confirmed Isaiah existed before the events that were prophesied.

The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947 confirmed that Isaiah’s prophesies pre-dated Jesus’ coming into the world. Isaiah’s prophesies speak specifically about the events surrounding Jesus’ birth, that he was born of a virgin and was in the lineage of Jesse, the father of King David. The Bible is true.

There have been many efforts to discredit the Bible. But archaeology continues to confirm the Biblical accounts. The Bible has survived all attempts to discredit it. Indeed the Bible is God’s Word to us. We are well advised to read and heed the Bible and to make it the foundation of our lives. Most importantly, the Bible provides the only description of Jesus Christ who is the only way to salvation.